Interstate 50

The title of this on-going series takes its name from a non-existent freeway: Interstate 50.   These images of blank billboards serve to document my travels through undesirable territories- undesirable at least from an advertiser’s perspective. Through their ability to shout silence, the billboards stand as monuments to insignificant places.   You know you are nowhere when you see a blank billboard.  I began this on-going series in 1992 and the first exhibition took place in 1998. 

30″ x 45″ or 24″ x 36″, editions of 7



With [blank], I also address voided text and imagery, but in a different context and scale. Urban walls that have been defaced are often covered with a patch of paint to sanitize existing graffiti and to discourage future tagging.  Sometimes there is an attempt to match the wall’s existing background color, other times the color is arbitrary.

Blank 08


Retraction, a 35-foot paulownia tree wrapped with re-purposed bicycle inner-tubes, is a temporary sculpture located on the Beltline. This installation along with the accompanying sign invites audiences to increase their awareness of invasive species and their related issues. 

edition of 20

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Retraction photograph

Additional photography is part of the 49th Parallel project