Artist Statement

I am a topophiliac.  My affection for place and all things geographic is manifested through various sculpture series, public art installations, photography, and works on paper.  The appeal is not the actual geographic information as much as what that information tells us about ourselves as individuals and as a culture. Through my art, I tend to focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping— the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality.

Photo credit: Anna Nelson Daniel

portrait of Gregor Turk in front of shift

Artist Bio

Known for his public art installations, ceramic sculpture, photography, and mixed-media constructions, Gregor Turk often incorporates mapping imagery and cultural markings into his artwork. His response to his surroundings, whether in his hometown, Atlanta, or while traveling, serves as a major impetus for much of what he creates. Projects include producing a significant body of artwork resulting from hiking and biking along the course of the 1,270 mile section of the 49th parallel that defines the U.S./Canadian border, photographing blank billboards along fictitious Interstate 50, and making thousands of rubbings from text and imagery from the ubiquitous historical plaques and markers found in American cities.

He has permanent public art installations in the International Concourse at the Atlanta Airport (gates E 33 – 36) and in the Jacksonville Airport.  His work is included in the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, High Museum of Art, MOCA – GA  (Museum of Contemporary Art – Georgia), and numerous other public and private collections. He received his B.A. from Rhodes College and his M.F.A. from Boston University.  Between degrees he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa.  His studio is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Educational Background: 

Boston University: MFA, Boston, Mass., 1989
Rhodes College: BA, Memphis, Tenn., l982

Public Commissions:

Permanent Installations:

Coalescence: Zone 3 Police Precinct, City of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., 2020 
Design imagery for 20 windows integrated into the building

Portal and Passage: Metropolitan Parkway Library, Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta, Ga., 2016. 
Two projects for new library which includes exterior free-standing metal sculpture with light-board and interior wall-mounted sculpture installation.

Crossing the Line: Cleopas R. Johnson Park, City of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. 2011
Design of plaza pavers referencing Johnson as a band leader and his ability to cross the color line. 

Pictograms: Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Fla., 2008 
Two restroom entrance walls with glazed tiles of diverse pictograms of men and women collected from restroom signage throughout the world.

Latitudes and Legends: International Concourse (Gates E 33 – 36), Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Ga. 2004  
Three permanent installations along the perimeter walls of a 20,000 square foot space which includes an 86’ long ceramic tile installation of the 30o – 35 o parallels (Georgia’s north and south borders) encircling the world, 17 ceramic tablets depicting international cities along the same strip of the globe, and 64 ceramic sculptures derived from enlarged symbols found on various map legends.  

Birmingham Barns: Birmingham Fire Station, Fulton County Arts Council, Alpharetta, Ga., 2002 
Three miniature barn-like structures with open steel frames with ceramic tile roofs that include photo-based imagery and text relating to the history of the rural site. 

Temporary Installations:

Pictograms 2021: Piedmont Park Conservancy, Magnolia Hall, Piedmont Park, 2021- ongoing

Phalanx: Site-responsive sculpture, Hambidge Arts Center, Rabun Gap, Ga., 2017- ongoing 
Site-specific installation on GA/NC border

HOB (Heart of Blandtown): Atlanta, Ga., 2017 ongoing

Retraction: Atlanta, 2015-16
35-foot tree wrapped with re-purposed bicycle inner-tubes to increase awareness of invasive species, in collaboration with Atlanta Botanical Garden, Trees Atlanta and Art on the BeltLine.

Apparitions: Atlanta, Ga. Fall, 2013 – Fall 2014
Five inwardly facing billboards constructed along a pedestrian corridor with 3 different sets of images that change over the course of installation. Funded by Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Art on the BeltLine.

Site X: Atlanta, Ga., 2011 ongoing
Set of four rammed earth benches that collectively form an X-shape. Funded by Art on the BeltLine.

Atlantais Archipelago: Atlanta, Ga., various locations throughout the city, 2010
An installation of aerial imagery of Atlanta reconfigured as imaginary islands output on durable vinyl adhered to sidewalks. Funded by the City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

Misinformation: Atlanta, Ga.  June – October 2010
A series of four absurd way-finding signs with maps of Atlanta reconfigured with other cities’ shorelines (San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, and Chicago)

Binary Chair: Chairs, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
A two-part ceramic chair (a steel armature lifts and supports the back of the chair), part of an temporary outdoor public art installation located throughout the grounds of the university campus. 

Facilitated Community Installations:

Freedom Riders Sidewalk Project: Freedom Park, Atlanta, Ga., 2018
Design and installation of children’s sidewalk playscape with Office of Cultural Affairs funded by Kaboom Grant for renaming of John Lewis Freedom Parkway, 2018

Juniper Berries: Hyatt Midtown, Atlanta, Ga., 2014 
Facilitated design of five concrete sculptures located in the driveway area of the hotel with SCAD Atlanta graduate students

Blooming Hill: Hyatt Midtown, Atlanta, Ga., 2013 
Facilitated design and fabrication for a 12’ concrete and stainless steel sculpture located at the corner of Juniper Street and Tenth Street with SCAD Atlanta graduate and undergraduate students

Civilizations: Atlanta BeltLine, 2012
Facilitated sculpture project with teens from Youth Art Connection 

RECON: Atlanta, Ga., Harland Boys and Girls Club, 2011
Temporary installation of aerial imagery taken by teens by robotic devices and output on sidewalk-adhered vinyl. Funded by National Science Foundation 

Miniature Terracotta Warriors Installation: High Museum of Art Atrium, 2008
Hundreds of miniature terracotta warriors made by Boys and Girls Club participants and the museum public in conjunction of the opening of the High’s Terracotta Warriors exhibition

H2Oil- Free Water: Carter Presidential Library (funded by Captain Planet), Atlanta, Ga.  2008
Temporary installation fabricated by Galloway High School students addressing environmental issues

Great Circle Project: Riverwood High School, 2007
High school students created a permanently displayed ceramic map of a narrow strip of Africa 

Urban Ped: Youth Art Connection, Atlanta, Ga., 2005
50 sculptures made by teens and collectively temporarily installed on the grounds of Warren Holyfield Boys and Girls Club

Centennial of Flight Mural, Concourse B Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Ga. 2005
Fifth grade students from Drew Charter School (Atlanta, Ga.) created a tile mural of historical airplanes 

Tower Observatory Map (TOM): Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA) and Wilmington State Parks, Rockford State Park, Wilmington Delaware, 2003
Community-based project resulting in a 34’ diameter sculpture on an observatory platform atop a stone tower.  

Map of the Collier Park Neighborhood: Bureau of Cultural Affairs (BCA), Atlanta, Ga., 2003
Community-based project in which neighborhood youth at the Collier Park Recreation Center created an 8’ x 20’ painted mural through the BCA’s Summer Mural Program 

Homer Town Marker: Homer, Ga., 1991 – 1992
A collaborative project in which over 100 members of a rural community took part.  The project was funded through a New Forms Regional Initiative Grant (N.E.A. and the Rockefeller Foundation), approved by the town council, and installed in the town square. 

Selected Exhibitions:


Out of Place: Spalding Nix Fine Art, Atlanta, Ga. January 2021
Reclaim/Proclaim Blandtown: Gallery 72, Atlanta, Ga. 2019
Edge of the Continent: Glynn County Arts, St. Simons, Ga. 2019
Power Projection: Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art, Piedmont College, Demorest, Ga., 2017
Conflux: Spalding Nix Fine Art, Atlanta, Ga., 2016
Twain: Gallery 180, Atlanta, Ga., 2016
Torque: Ponce City Market, Atlanta, Ga., 2016 
Terminal Velocity: Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Ga., 2012
Shift: Astolfi Art Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. 2011
Topophilia: Studioplex, Atlanta, Ga., 2009
Flying Solo: Nashville International Airport, 2009
Interstate 50: Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, 2008
Limits: Blandtown Studio, Atlanta, Ga., 2006
New Work: Blandtown Studio, Atlanta, Ga., 2005
Manifold Manifesto: Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, Del., 2005
Grid: State University of West Georgia Gallery, Carrollton, Ga., 2001
Decade: Bank of America, Atlanta, Ga., 2000 
Con/Text II: Atlanta Financial Center, Atlanta, Ga., 2000 
South of North: The Laredo Center for the Arts, Laredo, Texas, 1999
Con/Text: Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1998 
Twenty Years Later: The Lovett School Galleria, Atlanta, Ga.
Interstate 50:  City Gallery at Chastain, Atlanta, Ga., 1998
The Legend Series: McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1997
The 49th Parallel Project: Ace Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997
Up North: Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, Minn., 1996  
The 49th Parallel Project: Whyte Museum, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1996
New Works: New York Mills Cultural Center, New York Mills, Minn., 1995
49th Parallel Project: Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, Montana, 1995
49th Parallel Project: Barrier as Corridor:  Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., 1995 
49th Parallel Project: Latitude and Limitations: McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1995
Projection Series: The McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1992
Points of Reference: Tula Foundation Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1991


Psychogeography and the Wanderer: Concourse E, Atlanta Airport, scheduled 2022- 2023
Skate: Bascom Arts Center, Highlands NC, 2021
MOCA GA Selections from the Museum: Concourse T, Atlanta Airport, 2020 -21
Emerging Voices: Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon GA, 2021
The Elusive Divide: Hambidge Art Lab, Atlanta Ga. (co-organized w/ Michale Reese) 2020-21
Into the Blue: Artist Invitational 2020: Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC, 2020
Ensemble: Spalding Nix Fine Art, Atlanta, Ga., 2018 & 2017
Transformers: Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College, Decatur Ga., 2018
Emerging Artist: Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Ga., 2018
The Bicycle: TAG Galleries, High Point, NC, 2018
Made of Clay: Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga., 2017
Evereman: Collaborations and Interpretations: Notch 8 Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2016
Landfall: Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, Ga. 2015
Exquisite Exhibit: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., 2014
Men at Work: Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2014
SCORE: MOCA GA, Atlanta, Ga., 2014
E-Merge: Atlanta Airport, T Concourse, Atlanta, Ga., 2013-14
Drawing Inside the Perimeter: High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Ga.,2013
Untitled: Astolfi Art Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2010-11
Lot & Parcel: The Goat Farm (BurnAway), Atlanta, Ga. 2010 
Sign Language: Terminus Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. 2010
Onward: Besharat Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2010
Personal Vocabulary: Southwest Arts Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2010
Scratching the Surface: Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2009
Remembrance: Abernathy Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga., 2009
Untitled: Haskell Gallery, Jacksonville, Fla. October, 2008 –2009
Language: Spruill Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2007 
Wandern: Solomon Projects, Atlanta, Ga., 2007
The Velocity of Gesture, or How to Build an Empire; Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga., 2007 
Little Things Mean a Lot: Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2004/05 & 2006/07
Gas, Food & Lodging, Rialto Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2005
Detour: Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa., 2003
North America Exhibition: Coca-Cola World Headquarters, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
When I Was a Child: Youth Art Connection Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
Looks Good on Paper 2: Spruill Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
Outdoor Chair Exhibition: Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
Collage: American Continental University, Atlanta, Ga., 2002
Untitled: Coca-Cola World Headquarters, Atlanta, Ga., 2002
In Here: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., 2002
Georgia/Alabama Biennial: Albany Museum of Art, Albany, Ga., 2001
Core: Atlanta College of Art Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. 2001
The Word in Art: Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2001
Looks Good on Paper: Spruill Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 2001
Index: City Gallery East, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Body Matrix (Two Person Exhibition): Auburn University, Auburn, Ala., 2000
Regional Exhibition: Columbus Museum, Columbus, Ga. 1999
What You Will Miss: Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Fire: City Gallery East, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Daily Entry: Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, 1999
Convergence: City Gallery at Chastain, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Drive Through Show: Marshall Arts, Memphis, Tenn., 1998
Troubling Customs: Gallery of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario, 1998
Trees: Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, Ga., 1997 
Invitational Exhibition: Campbell Public Library, Gillette, Wyoming, 1997
Water: Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, Ga., 1996 
Boundaries and Explorations: St. Paul Companies, St. Paul, Minn., 1995
Mapping the Self:  Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, Ga., 1994/95
Landscape of Limitation: Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, Del., 1993
Three Person Show: The Sarratt Gallery, Nashville, Tenn., 1992
Tenth Anniversary Exhibition:  The McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1992
Georgia Clay ’92: The Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1992
Five Person Show:  New Visions Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1991
Special Visions: Willow Street Gallery, Washington, D.C., 1991
Two Person Show: The McIntosh Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1991
Artists in Georgia:  Albany Museum of Art, Albany, Ga., 1990
LaGrange National XV: Lamar Dodd Art Center, LaGrange, Ga., 1990
Ceramics Now/l990: Downey Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Ca., 1990
Gloria Wilcher Memorial Exhibition: Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, N.H., 1989
Creative Continuum ’89: Studio 2080, Atlanta, Ga., 1989
Georgia Clay: Contemporary Studio Works: Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Ga., 1989
Program in Artistry Exhibition: Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, Mass., 1989


Virtual Arts Initiative Grant: Fulton County Arts and Culture, Atlanta, Ga., 2020
Artist’s Project Grant: City of Atlanta – Cultural Affairs, 2020, 2018, 2016, 2012, 2010 & 1998
Project Grant: Idea Capital, Atlanta, Ga, 2017-18
Working Artists Project Grant: MOCA- Ga, Atlanta, Ga., 2011/12 
Fulton County Artist Residency Grant, Caversham Centre, Balgowan, South Africa 
Middle East Travel Seminar (travel to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, & Israel): Pattillo Foundation, 2000
Artist’s Project Grant: City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs, 1998
Alternate Visions Grant: N.E.A./ The Rockefeller Foundation/ The Warhol Foundation, 1996 
Georgia Council for the Arts: Individual Artist’s Grant, 1994 & 1990
New Forms Regional Initiative Grant: N.E.A. & The Rockefeller Foundation, 1990


Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Public Art Award, Atlanta, GA., 2013
Documentary Prize Winner: Smoky Mountain/Nantahala Media Festival, Bryson City, N.C., 1998
Studio Program: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., 1998 – 2003
Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta: Cultural Shuttle Bus Commission, 1996
Cultural Olympiad Regional Designation Award for the Arts: ACOG, Atlanta, Ga., 1995


Hambidge Center: Rabun Gap, Ga., 2017 & 2014
Caversham Centre, Balgowan, South Africa, 2008 
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts: Wilmington, Delaware, 2003
The Ucross Foundation: Residency Program, Clearmont, Wyoming, 1997
St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre: Residency Programme, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997
Banff Centre for the Arts: New Works Residency, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1996
New York Mills Cultural Center: Residency, New York Mills, Minnesota, 1995
Banff Centre for the Arts: International Artists’ Residency, Alberta, Canada, 1992 & 1993

Instructional Experience:

College Instruction: 

Savannah College of Art & Design: Adjunct Sculpture Professor at SCAD-Atlanta, 2010 – 2019
Savannah College of Art & Design: Panelist Public Art Charrette Project, Atlanta, Ga., 2009
Atlanta College of Art:  Adjunct Instructor, Atlanta, Ga., 2001
Georgia State University: Adjunct Instructor, Atlanta, Ga., 1999 & 2000
University of Manitoba: Artist-In-Residence & Instructor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997
Swain School of Design: Materials and Techniques Course, New Bedford, Mass., l987   

Museum Workshops:

Children’s Museum of Atlanta: Outreach Program, 2016
High Museum of Art: Teacher Workshop Programs and Public Outreach Programs, 2007-08
Michael C. Carlos Museum: Instructor, Public Art Seen Program, Atlanta, Ga., 2005 & 06
High Museum of Art: Instructor, After School Program, Atlanta, Ga., 2006
Youth Art Connection, Atlanta, Ga., Instructor, Urban Ped Program (40 teens) 2004 -05
High Museum of Art: Instructor, Visual Arts & Literacy Program, Atlanta, Ga., 2004 
Michael C. Carlos Museum: Instructor, Camp Carlos, Atlanta, Ga., 2001 – 2002
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: Family History Artbook Project, Atlanta, Ga., 2001
High Museum of Art: Instructor for ArtWorks Program 2000 – 2001
High Museum of Art: Instructor for Young Careers Outreach Program, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Whyte Museum: Workshop, Banff Alberta, Canada, March, 1996
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Artist Workshop Program: 1993

Selected Lectures/Presentations:

SCAD— Savannah, February, 2020 
Georgia Tech SLS Class (Serve-Learn-Sustain), 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art- Georgia, Atlanta, Ga. 2012
SCAD – Sculpture Department, Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. 2009
University of KwaZulu-Natal, Petermaritzburg, South Africa, 2008
Kennesaw State University: Kennesaw, Ga. 2008
Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta, Ga., 2006
Auburn University: Auburn, Alabama, 2000
University of Manitoba/Ace Art: Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1997
Southern Alberta Art Gallery/University of Lethbridge: Lethbridge, Alberta, 1996 
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies: Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1996
Minneapolis College of Art and Design: Minneapolis, Minn., 1995
New York Mills Regional Cultural Center: New York Mills, Minn., 1995
Nexus Contemporary Art Center: Panel Discussion, Atlanta, Ga., 1995
Georgia State University: Art Department, Atlanta, Ga., 1995
Lynchburg Fine Arts Center: Lynchburg, Va., 1993

Other Professional Experience:

Teaching Artist: Georgia Council for the Arts/Young Audiences/Arts for Learning: 1989 – 2015

Public Art Project Management Consultant: Atlanta, Ga. 2007

Curator: Fulton County Arts Council at Ferst Center (Ga. Tech), Atlanta, Ga. 2000 – 2001

Public Art Coordinator: Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta, Ga., 1998 to 2000. Coordinated County’s 1% Public Art Program (15 projects), curate and install exhibitions for the Arts Council’s Peachtree Gallery, and manage the County’s art collection.

Property Management: Farmington Corporation & Coro Realty, 1996 to 1999, Atlanta, Ga. Managed 69 apartment units; collected, recorded, and deposited rent checks; coordinated property maintenance; leased property; coordinated dispossessory and other legal matters.

Peace Corps Volunteer:  Lofa County Agricultural Extension Project, Voinjama, Liberia, West Africa, 1983-85. Designed, marketed, and managed an extension program funded by the World Bank and African Development Bank.

Grant, Exhibition & Public Commission Juror:

Airport Art Program: Atlanta, C-D Connector, Public Art Committee, 2019
Office of Cultural Affairs: Review Panelist for MLK Dr. Public Art Initiative, Atlanta, Ga., 2019
Edge Award: Forward Arts Foundation, Panelist & Moderator, Atlanta, Ga. , 2019    present
Atlanta Regional Commission, Public Art Program Grant Review Panel, 2015
Emerging Artist Grant: Forward Arts Foundation, Panelist, Atlanta, Ga. 1999 – 2012
Fulton County Arts Council: Museum Review Panelist, Atlanta, Ga., 2005 & 06 
Forward Arts Exhibition Catalogue Essayist, MOCA GA, Atlanta, Ga., 2005
Fulton County Arts Council (Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility) Public Art Committee, 2004
17th National Juried Art Exhibition, South Cobb Arts Alliance, Mableton, Ga., 2004
Airport Art Program: Atlanta, New International Terminal Building, Public Art Committee, 2003
Airport Art Program: Atlanta, New International Terminal Building, Core Artists Committee, 2003
Emerging Artist Grant: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Atlanta, Ga.  2002
Ex Lucius: Georgia State, Atlanta, Ga., 1999
Annual Exhibition: Arts Experiment Station, Tifton, Ga., 1999
Patron Purchase Competition & Exhibition:  Creative Arts Guild, Dalton, Ga., 1998
Man, Earth & Sky: Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, Ga., 1998
BB&T – Florence Museum State-wide Art Competition:  Florence, S.C., 199

Catalogues (authored):

Forward Arts Foundation: Emerging Artist Award Winners 2000- 2013, Atlanta, Ga., 2013
Forward Arts, Atlanta, Ga., 2013

Catalogues, Books, Essays & Surveys:

Noplaceness: Art in a Post-Urban Landscape: Possible Futures, Jerry Cullum, Catherine Fox, Cinque Hicks 2012
The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography: Princeton Architectural Press, Kitty Harmon, 2009 
Fifteen Years of Placemaking:  Fulton County Public Art Program, Atlanta, Ga., 2009
Language: The Spruill Center for the Arts, Julia A. Fenton, 2007
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Photography (Vol. 3): Lynne Warren (editor), p. 1599, 2005
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Mapping the Self:  Jerry Cullum, Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, Ga., 1994
Georgia Clay 92:  Rick Berman, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Ga., 1992
Artists in Georgia:  Peter Doroshenko, Albany, Ga., 1990
Gloria Wilcher Memorial Exhibition:  Marilyn Friedman Hoffman, Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, N.H., 1989

Selected Reviews, Articles (Print & Web):

Gregor Turk Takes a Stand: The Alexander Report, Mark Gresham, October 22, 2019
Welcome to Blandtown: ARTS ATL, Gail O’Neill, Oct.8, 2019
Gregor Turk Debuts a New Exhibition: The Atlantan, Wendy Bowman, Oct 8, 2019
Re/Covering Blandtown: Atlanta Studies: Lauren Highsmith, 2019
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Saving Blandtown, Atlanta Magazine, May 2018, p. 26
A Studio Conversation with Gregor Turk, Arts ATL, July 5, 2017 by Anna Nelson-Daniel
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Artist revives name of historic Blandtown with installation: INtown Newspaper, Feb. 2017
Blandtown, Atlanta: an oddly named neighborhood losing its identity: Curbed Atlanta, Jan. 4, 2017
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Broadcasts (Radio and Television):

WABE: General Sherman Keeping Close Watch on Atlanta by John Lorinc, July 23, 2014 <http://wabe.org/post/general-sherman-keeping-close-watch-atlanta>
NBC: Today: Public artwork shown, Nov. 21, 2013
KTCA: Newsnight Minnesota:  Television Interview (Twin Cities Public TV), Aug. 15, 1996
CBC:  Radio interview (Alberta), Feb. 24, 1996
KCUA:   Radio interview (Alberta), Feb. 2, 1996
CNN: Newsroom: Television interview and feature (national), July 20, 1995
CNN: Saturday Morning: Television interview and feature (national), July 29, 1995
WEVO: Morning Edition: Audio Review (Public Radio for New Hampshire), May 5, 1989

Video Projects:

The 49th Parallel: Barrier as Corridor

Georgia Public Television, Georgia, May 1995 (Premiere)
Prairie Public Television, North Dakota, 1996
Northern Minnesota Public Television, Minn., 1996
Duluth Public Television, Minn., 1996
KCTS Television, Seattle, Wa., 1996
KSPS Television, Spokane, Wa., 1996
Western N.Y. Public Broadcasting Assoc., Buffalo, N.Y., 1996

Northwest Folk Festival, Seattle, Wa., 2007
Free Times’ 3rd Annual Colossal Film Crawl, Columbia, S.C. 1999
Smoky Mountain/Nantahala Media Festival, Bryson City, N.C., 1998
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, 1996
Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Ga., 1995 (Premiere)

N.C. Arts & Humanities/Duke University, 1996
Emporia State University, 1998

Artwork Used in Feature Movies and Television:

Rampage, 2018
Den of Thieves, 2017
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2013
Necessary Roughness (USA Television), 2013
Killers, 2010
Why Did I Get Married Too, 2010
Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime Television), 2009
Why Did I Get Married, 2007
Broken Bridges, 2006
Dumb and Dumberer: 2003

Volunteer, Community & Board Service:

Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, Ga., Board Member, 2018- present
Atlanta BeltLine Partnership: Board Member, 2016 – present
Phoenix Flies Walking Tour, Atlanta Preservation Center, 2013- present
Neighborhood Arts Advisory Group (City of Atlanta Council appointment) 2015
Public Art Advisory Committee, City of Atlanta (mayoral appointment), 2004 – 2008
Metropolitan Public Art Coalition (MPAC): Founding Member 2000 – present, Chair, 2000-2002
Art Papers: Board Member, 2000 – 2006
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: Board Member, 1999 – 2005
Home Park Community Improvement Association: Master Plan Committee, Atlanta, 2001- 2002