Zone 3 Police Precinct | Atlanta, Georgia

Gregor Turk was commissioned to create five sets of vinyl images for the stairwell windows at Atlanta’s Zone 3 Police Precinct through the Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program. The surrounding Perkerson neighborhood in south Atlanta was once known as a center for hospitality, shopping, and entertainment including the city’s premier Lakewood Fairgrounds. Utilizing historical and contemporary photographs of the landscape and people en masse, Turk seeks to reinforce the concept of community coalescence in the images incorporated into the building as the neighborhood undergoes redevelopment.


Metropolitan Library | Atlanta, Georgia

Etched on stainless steel panels on the east façade of the sculpture are contour lines of the area’s topography using the text of W.E.B. Du Bois’ 1903 essay in which he describes Atlanta as the City of a Hundred Hills. The other side features 25 stained glass windows that are illuminated forming letters that spell out Du Bois passage and other writers’ and poets’ descriptions of Atlanta and its topography. Programed patterns show for 2 minutes followed by 13 minutes of text. The stained glass windows were repurposed from the church that was razed on the site prior to constructing the library.

To see a sample of the lightboard, visit YouTube.


Metropolitan Library | Atlanta, Georgia

Passage, is located along the upper walls of the library’s central corridor. The forms depict the houses and buildings found along a 3/4 mile section of Metropolitan Parkway where the library is located. The pieces were fabricated to scale (1:58) in the shapes of over 160 neighborhood buildings, and then wrapped with rubber from repurposed bicycle inner-tubes. The configuration of the boxes collectively forms a strip map below which viewers can pass through. The east and west walls correspond to the east and west sides of street which runs parallel to the library’s spine.

Pictogram Restrooms

Jacksonville International Airport | Jacksonville, Florida

Commissioned by Jacksonville Aviation Authority, male and female pictograms found around the world were recreated and glazed onto commerical ceramic tile for a pair of restrooms at the Jacksonville International Airport.

Latitudes + Legends

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | Atlanta, Georgia

Latitudes, an 86-foot-long ceramic tile installation, forms a narrow map of the world between the 30th and 35th parallels, roughly Georgia’s north and south borders. Representing approximately 330 miles (north to south) and 22,000 miles (east to west), Atlanta appears twice, at either end of the map. Libya, Iran, Nepal, South Korea, and Mexico are some of the 27 countries found in between.