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Series X, TopoTablets and Choke II are three ongoing series’ of wall-mounted, convex tablets. Each are 14x 14x 4with a recommended 3.5-inch spacing when mounted collectively. Tablets can be configured in grid variations or linearly.

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Series X + TopoTablets



Maps of various cities are depicted with heavily-textured and carved surfaces in the form of wall-mounted ceramic tablets. The two standard sizes are 13.5″ x 13.5x 1and 17’ x 17”x 1.”  Specific cities and regions are glazed with multiple colors like satallite imagery. Or they can be more monochromatic like the four panel installatioon  shown here that was commissioned for the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Astor- New Orleans. 

New Orleans Map
New Orleans Map installed at the Astor Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2016




The imagery for this series is derived from map symbols that depict the somewhat ambiguous limits of something (e.g. a weather front, range of a speciesterritory, or the extent of seasonal ice flow). Wall-mounted (except for a couple free standing ones), the seemingly wriggling sculptures are just under 3 feet long, the maximum limit in length of what fits in the studio kiln. 


Symbols from various types of maps were extracted, enlarged and rendered three-dimensionally in clay. Individual pieces range in size from 48to 18in height.

Limit 07