On Site

The Con/Text Series embraces the written word literally found in the landscape.  Acquiring words and phrases directly from the raised text of historical markers and other plaques through wax-oil rubbings is rather labor-intensive and at times an absurd activity. The resulting effect is that of documenting the image (typically buildings) or map’s connection to its source (marking the paper on site with words from specific locations on the map). 

Con/Text: Candler Building, wax oil rubbing on paper with silkscreen print, 48″ x 33″

Hurt Building

In Studio

Manifold Manifesto is a variation of the Con/Text Series. Through this series I explore the itinerant landscape- that of automobiles (and their typology) layered upon the physical terrain. The work is created by making rubbings of thematic car name plaques and insignia onto related topographic maps or on blank paper configured into collective shapes (X) or simplified maps (Atlanta’s interstate system). Shown here, car names that relate to battle, the military and/or weapons are rubbed onto a map of Gettysburg.

Manifold Manifesto: Gettysburg (Battle), wax oil rubbing on map, 27″ x 23″