Rubber Wrapped Sculpture Featured in Recent Exhibitions



Ponce City Market Pop-Up Exhibition

Atlanta: February 5 - March 13, 2016


An exhibition that featured discarded objects that were wrapped with thousands of repurposed bicycle inner tubes. The resulting scupture, furniture and other bound objects took on new meaning as emphasis shifted from their original function toward form and surface.


Image: Bound Globe 05 (16" high), Cauldron 02 (30" diameter) & Bound Egg 01 (20" high). 

Reviews of the Torque exhibition:

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Terminal Velocity


Atlanta: May 4 - July 14, 2012

An exhibition of new work exploring monuments, mobility, and marking place
created for the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia's 2011/2012 Working Artist Project*


Terminal Velocity: Installation view of north wall: The Transformer, Interchange, and The Courier (left to right)


Artist Statement: Terminal Velocity, 2012

Terminal Velocity is comprised of four primary installations. Each serves not as a definitive statement, but as point of departure—a means of exploring ideas about place and the complex overlay of meaning associated with place that often includes conventionalities, contradictions and absurdities. The three pieces on the left wall (west wall) utilize different materials to represent the same subject with each medium bringing significantly different readings. The series references Micronesian stick charts which are handheld wood and seashell constructions that depict nautical routes by indicating wave swells and water currents rather than standard distance. The Metronesian Stick Chart, (the center of the three) is constructed of mimosa wood and inner-tubes with each valve representing an exit along Atlanta’s interstate system. Meanwhile, Interchange 1-9, located on the back center wall (north wall), condenses the city to 9 major freeway intersections. The panels are overlaid with road-worn ribbons of flayed inner-tubes.

Influenced by animist objects I encountered while living in West Africa in my twenties, the Fetish Series is an attempt to understand the burden of place—to reconcile the conflicted sentiments of revered sites. The wood for each piece was collected from a specific location that holds personal meaning (some examples include: my ancestral home-place, a schizophrenic’s feared power center, and the forest where a friend died). After formed into an X, the wood was bound and protected by taunt rubber (with one exception) with many further impaled with nails.

The Monument Series serves as an exploration of monuments and their ability to mark place. In this case, perhaps “placeiness” is a better term (as in Stephen Colbert’s “truthiness”). By making them portable, their authoritativeness and effectiveness has been significantly diminished while increasing their ability to mark numerous places quickly (although only temporarily).

Terminal Velocity Installation view of west wall.  Left to right: Metronesia Series: Metronesian Tectonics (car name plaques), Metronesian Stick Chart (wood and inner tubes), and Metronesian Replacements (leaves)   Each is a 10' x 8' map of Atlanta's interstate system.



Metronesian Tectonics and detail (10' x 8', car name plaques)


Metronesia Stick Chart (10' x 8', rubber inner tubes and wood)


Fetish #3, 26" x 24" x 5" wood, rubber inner tubes & nails, 2012


Fetish Series (20" to 36" height, rubber, wood and nails)



Fetish Series #1 and #9 (wood and rubber inner tubes)



Monument Series (shown here as a grouping and not as exhibited, in separate corners) Left ot right:

The Transformer  (collapses into 3 sections with luggage wheels and handle) 

The Aggrandizer (inflatable with pump) 

The Conveyor (on wheels and studded with valves) 

The Courier (case with handle) 



Rubbings (wax-oil rubbings from car name plaques, thematically arranged)

Gazetteer (left) & Pursuits (right) (Menagerie and Cosmos not shown)


For more information and images visit MOCA GA's website:

*The MOCA GA Working Artist Project is an award program that was developed by MOCA GA and is funded by a major grant from The Charles Loridans Foundation, with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts.The Project was designed to support established visual artists of merit who reside in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This initiative provides an unparalleled level of support for individual artists, expands MOCA GA’s mission, and promotes Atlanta as a city where artists can live, work and thrive. Each year, MOCA GA selects three visual artists to receive the award. Among Atlanta's best and brightest, these artists are supported with an exhibition, a promotion, a studio assistant and a major monetary stipend to facilitate their work over the course of the year. Michael Rooks, Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the High Museum of Art served as the guest juror for the 2011/2012 awards.


Other Rubber-Wrapped Sculpture

More work with repurposed bicycle inner tubes.

Copenhill: A topographic map of Atlanta's Copenhill area, wood & rubber, 24" x 24" x 4", 2014

Exhibited at Men at Work: Constructions, Hagedorn Gallery, 2014


Mine: Suspended sphere made of wood, rubber & bicycle inner-tube valves, 24" x 24" x 24", 2014

Exhibited at Men at Work: Constructions, Hagedorn Gallery, 2014




Bound 1 (left) and 2 (right): Wrapped globes- cardboard, metal, wood, rubber & bicycle inner-tube valves (right only), 16 " x 14" x 14", 2014

Exhibited at Men at Work: Constructions, Hagedorn Gallery, 2014